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Selling It Right Certification

The Selling It Right course is British Columbia's mandatory self-study course for the sale of cannabis. 

Who Needs to take the Selling It Right Course?
What is Selling It Right Certification?
How do I get a Selling It Right Certificate?


Selling It Right

To obtain your Selling It Right certificate, you must pass the final exam based on the course material.

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What is Selling It Right?

This program is designed to educate licensees and people working in the non-medical cannabis industry to:
  • understand the effects of cannabis including the effects of co-use of cannabis with other intoxicants such as alcohol;
  • recognize the signs of intoxication;
  • know their responsibilities under the law and the consequences for not meeting them;
  • ID people to prevent underage cannabis sales; and
  • handle situations requiring intervention (such as having to ask a customer to leave the Cannabis Retail Store (CRS)).

Who Needs Selling It Right?

All non-medical cannabis retail store licensees, adults who sell non-medical cannabis in a retail store or government store and those who market non-medical cannabis are required to successfully complete Selling It Right. 


How do I get a Selling It Right Certificate?

Certification is obtained by taking the Selling it Right course and passing the exam. The course can be taken online or through self-study using a program manual. The fastest, easiest (and greenest) way to get your Selling It Right certificate is online. The online program is convenient and offers quizzes and demonstration videos to help you learn the materials. The cost is $35 and you will receive your test results immediately. Upon successful completion, you can also print out your Selling It Right certificate right away.

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