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Responsible Serving Certifications Online!

Serving It Right and Special Event Server are British Columbia's mandatory self-study courses that educate licensees, permittees, managers and servers about their legal responsibilities when serving.

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The programs are designed to:

Educate licensees, retailers, permittees, managers and servers to:

  • Understand the effects of alcohol on the body including the effects of the co-use of alcohol with other intoxicants such as cannabis;
  • Know how to recognize signs of intoxication;
  • Know their responsibilities under the law and the consequences for not meeting them;
  • Know how to ID minors to prevent underage drinking;
  • Know how to develop and/or support appropriate alcohol service policies;
  • Know how to handle typical situations requiring intervention.

Certifications are valid for five years.


Training can be completed online 24/7

You control the experience, you control the pace of completing the course before taking the final exam online for your certification.


Serving It Right

To obtain your Serving It Right (SIR) certificate, you must pass the final exam based on the course material.

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Special Event Server

To obtain your Special Event Server (SES) certificate, you must pass the final exam based on the course material.

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