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Special Event Server FAQs

  1. Q. What is the difference between Serving It Right and the Special Event Server course? A. The Special Event Server course is an abridged version of Serving It Right with content specifically for serving alcohol at special events in British Columbia. It is intended for servers and bartenders at events of any size along with managers and Special Event Permit holders for events with less than 500 attendees. For all others serving alcohol in the province of British Columbia, Serving It Right remains the required certificate.
  2. Q. I have already completed Serving It Right; do I still need to take the Special Event Server course? A. No, if you currently hold a valid Serving It Right certificate there is no need to complete the Special Event Server course.
  3. Q. I have a serving program certificate from another province; do I still need to take the Special Event Server Course? A. Certain province's valid certificates are recognized by the BC government if you are working as a server or a bartender at an event with a Special Event Permit. If you are a Special Event Permit holder or working as a manager for an event with over 500 attendees, you will still need to obtain Serving It Right.
  4. Q. I'm moving to another province, is my Special Event Server certificate valid in that province? A. The Special Event Server course is specifically designed for the laws and regulations surrounding special events in British Columbia. However all questions should be directed to the responsible beverage provider for that province regarding information on exemptions or transfer of certifications.
  5. Q. How much does the program cost? A. The cost for the online course, including 3 exam attempts is $20.
  6. Q. Can I just take the final exam? Your purchase includes 3 exam attempts for the final exam. If you don't pass the exam on your 3rd try, you can retake the exam for the price of $20.  
  7. Q. Can I order a paper manual and take a written version of the Special Event Server exam? A. At this time Special Event Server is offered online. We do recommend a computer or tablet for viewing the course as some aspects may be minimized and harder to read on a smartphone. If you are interested in a written version of the course and final exam please contact us.
  8. Q. How can I get the course to display properly on my tablet or mobile device? A. Some tablets or mobile devices may require the downloading of "Articulate Mobile Player" in order to display the course. If your tablet does require this application you will be prompted to download the application when attempting to access the course on your tablet or mobile device.
  9. Q. What are my payment options? A. For the online exam you must complete the registration process and provide payment prior to accessing the exam. You may pay via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), INTERAC® Online service, or PayPal. After you have made your payment you will be brought directly to the final exam. You will receive your exam results immediately after submitting your exam.
  10. Q. What if I don't have a credit card to pay for the exam online? A. You can purchase a prepaid credit card from your bank, supermarket or convenience store as long as it's of equal or greater value than $20, use INTERAC® Online service, or set up a PayPal account. For more information on INTERAC® Online service, please click here. For more information on PayPal, please click here.
  11. Q. What kind of exam do I have to take to get my Special Event Server certificate? A. In order to receive your Special Event Server certificate, you must pass a multiple-choice exam, consisting of 25 randomly generated questions. The passing grade is 80%, or 20 questions answered correctly.
  12. Q. Is there a time limit on the exam? A. No, there is no time limit on the exam. However if you need to step away you can log out and log back in again to continue where you left off as long as you do not press the submit button.
  13. Q. Is there a minimum age requirement to obtain a Special Event Server certificate? A. There is no minimum age requirement on who can obtain a Special Event Server certificate.
  14. Q. How long is my Special Event Server Certification valid for? The Special Event Server certification is valid for 5 years from the completion date of the final exam.
  15. Q. Is there a minimum age requirement to serve alcohol at special events in British Columbia? A. Minors are not permitted to be employed as paid or un-paid servers, bartenders or managers at an event with a Special Event Permit. Minors are also prohibited from selling, serving or handling liquor including the selling of drink tickets.
  16. Q. Is Special Event Server offered in different languages? A. At this time Special Event Server is only offered in English.
  17. Q. How long does it take to study the Special Event Server course? A. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to study the course. We recommend that individuals study the course before taking the exam. Below is a breakdown of approximately how long it will take to study each section.
  18. Q. If you are looking to have liquor service at your wedding, festival or event, you will require a Special Event Permit. Visit the Special Events Permits Online website https://specialevents.bcldb.com or contact the Special Event Permit Helpdesk at 1-855-999-7656.

  1. Q: I can't log into my account. What should I do? A: If you cannot remember your password, try the "Forgot Your Password".
  2. Q. I lost my password. How can I access my account? A. Go to the login page and click on Forgot Your Password and submit your email account you signed up with. Your password will be emailed to you. If you still experience difficulties, please contact us.
  3. Q. If I pay and start a test online, but don’t complete it, can I get a refund? A. No. Once you have read and accepted the terms of service you have agreed to take the test online and there are no refunds.
  4. Q. Can I print my card after writing my exam? A. Yes you can. After completing the course and passing the exam with a minimum of 80% you will be able to print your certificate under "My Certifications" on the left sidebar.
  5. Q. I received my Server certificate prior to the program changes made in 2007. Do I need to take the updated Special Event Server program? A. Not necessarily. All current certificates are still valid. Only new applicants, staff working in retail liquor stores and staff being assigned management duties are required to take the updated program.
  6. Q. I received my Licensee certificate prior to the program changes made in 2019. Do I need to take the updated Special Event Server? A. No; however, you may choose to re-certify.
  7. Q. I've changed my name, how do I obtain an updated Special Event Server certificate? A. We can change your name on your Serving It Right certificate if you provide us with a copy of a legal document showing your previous name and current name. Documents can be your birth certificate, driver's license, marriage certificate, etc. Please write a short note requesting your name change and include your date of birth.
  8. Q. Does my Special Event Server certificate expire? A. Yes, the Serving It Right certificate does expire. If you received your Serving It Right certificate before September 15, 2015, your certification is still valid and will expire September 15, 2020. If you received your certificate after September 15, 2015 the expiry date will appear on your certificate.